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Compression Thearapy

You don’t have to have a problem with your veins or legs to wear compression socks and stockings.

Many healthy, active men and women of all ages find them helpful. Anyone who wants to maximize endurance by improving blood circulation and increasing oxygen delivery to the legs can benefit from compression stockings and socks. Runners, soccer players, basketball players and other sports enthusiasts often wear them. Athletic recovery socks are available and designed to improve and speed up recovery after physical activity by helping to flush out lactic acid, relieving tired legs and reducing muscle soreness. Those who travel and spend long hours sitting in airplanes or cars find compression stockings helpful.

Prescription strength compression stockings help improve blood circulation and force fluid out of swollen legs and ankles.

These stockings apply external pressure to the leg to reduce venous pressure within the limb. The pressure applied is greatest at the ankle and lessens as it moves up the leg. The stockings work with the pumping action of your calf muscle as you walk and exercise.

There is a stocking for every situation, from dress to casual to sport.

The color and style selection for men is very wide. There are compression stockings that are perfect for the professional woman. Available in a variety of trendy colors and styles, these stockings are both attractive and durable. There is even a pantyhose style stocking suitable for a pregnant woman.

Buyers should beware of so-called compression stockings advertised in catalogs, online and in some retail stores.

These stockings usually lack the compression levels and effectiveness of our prescription strength stockings. If you have a question about the correct stockings for you, ask our office for guidance.

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