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Dr. Stephen Sorenson

Dr. Stephen Sorenson

Dr. Stephen Sorenson

Dr. Sorenson Difference- a career dedicated to the treatment of venous disorders.

Board Certified

Dr. Stephen C. Sorenson , MD, RVT, RPVI is board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine since 1992.

Diplomate of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine

(Specialty in the diagnosis and treatment of venous disorders). One of the first physicians in the country to become a certified, full-time venous disorder expert.

American College of Phleblogy Foundation (ACPF)

Founding member supporting venous disease research, fellowships and education in the field of venous and lymphatic medicine.

Registered Phlebologist

Registered with the American College of Phlebology (ACP). The ACP is the premier association for physicians, nurses , ultrasound technologists and allied health professsionals working in the field of Phlebology .

RPVI and RVT Certified

RPVI (Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation ) certified. This required certification of all newly-graduated vascular surgeons gives Dr. Sorenson the ability to accurately interpret test results to determine the optimal treatment protocol.

RVT ( Registered Vascular Technologist)
Following a rigorous course of testing and demonstrated skill in performing and interpreting vascular exams using ultrasonography , the ARDMS (Association of Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers) bestows the degree of RVT. This gives Dr.,Sorenson the skills and knowledge to perform vascular ultrasound in the treatment of vein disease.

Make Dr. Sorenson your Vein Doctor

With Dr. Stephen Sorenson you can expect personalized care from a staff with a high level of expertise. 

“Hi I’m Dr. Stephen Sorenson. Thank you for your interest in Vein Specialists of Illinois. I believe that the best medicine is practiced in an atmosphere of compassion, communication, and trust. I’ve been treating patients with venous disorders for the past 17-years and I was one of the first physicians in the country to be Board Certified in Phlebology.

Our practice encompasses minimally invasive treatments including Laser Ablation Therapy as well as Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy. These treatments are all office-based and are one the most effective combinations treatments nowadays for treating venous disorders. The thing that I love best about what we do is getting people back to the activities that they love to do. Our moniker is as expert care and healthier legs and that’s what we’re all about.”

Vein Specialists of Illinois is committed to making sure you receive an individualized treatment plan tailored to meet your needs and lifestyle.  Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques, Dr. Sorenson focuses on minimally invasive procedures that will make a big difference in the way you look and feel without much disruption to your everyday demands.

The staff wants to ensure you are educated about your treatment plan and not just from a medical perspective. They will take time to make sure you understand the financial and insurance options too.

Patient Testimonials

"Can't recommend them enough! While shopping for insurance plans, I would only sign up with one he accepted. Nice office, great staff and always happy with my results!" -- Lisa Remke Nunley

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