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Insurance Information

Varicose-Vein-Treatment-Insurance-Questions-300x284Have you put off seeking treatment?

Have you put off seeking treatment for your Varicose Veins because the process of getting started seems overwhelming?

Do you want relief from your tired, swollen, and/or itchy legs? Are you worried about the financial aspect of seeking treatment?

If these feelings sound familiar know that you are not alone. Many people want to seek treatment for their vein problems but do not know how to get started. We sat down with Dr. Sorenson and his staff to get answers for the most common insurance questions people ask.

How do I get the process started?

To begin, call your insurance company and find out if we are listed as an in-network provider with your insurance plan. Also, ask if there are any exclusions on your policy for varicose vein treatment or any waiting periods in place for pre-existing conditions. Next, call us at (847) 595-1064 or click here to contact us. You will need to provide our staff with a copy of your insurance card and up to date information about the policy holder (whether it is you or your spouse, etc). In order to give you the most accurate information possible about your benefits we need to know about all insurance plans that you participate in. We will then call the insurance company to verify our network status with your plan and your individual benefits as they relate to our services.

Will insurance help with the cost?

In most cases, insurance will help with the cost of treatment if the treatments are considered to be “medically necessary”. This means that in most cases where a patient has large, varicose veins or symptoms such as pain, aching, swelling, cramping, etc. treatments will be considered medically necessary and eligible for insurance coverage. Insurance does not help with the cost for treatment of non-symptomatic spider veins, hand veins or facial veins. These procedures are considered cosmetic and not covered by insurance. Our staff will work with you to understand the benefits and coverage provided by your insurance as well as any requirements that will need to be met.

What insurance groups do you take?

We are in-network providers with Medicare, BlueCross Blue Shield PPO, Blue Choice Select, Cigna PPO, Aetna PPO, Humana PPO, United HealthCare PPO, Multiplan and PHCS. We also work with many other insurance plans as out-of-network providers.

Do you offer payment plans?

We do offer payment plans through our office. We also accept Care Credit.

Do you need a referral for your office?

In most cases you do not need a referral to our office. Since we mostly work with PPO plans, referrals are not needed. We do not participate in HMO plans.

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"Can't recommend them enough! While shopping for insurance plans, I would only sign up with one he accepted. Nice office, great staff and always happy with my results!" -- Lisa Remke Nunley

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