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Video Testimonials


My initial experience when I first consulted with Dr. Sorenson, I realized right away that he was a quintessential physician who cares about what he does and is concerned about you / me as the patient. -- Read More


I think very highly a Dr. Sorenson. I feel great and I would recommend the doctor to anyone. -- Read More


I had an ulceration on my ankle that had been there for a year, year and a half maybe, and it was not responding to any of the treatments I would normally expect. Nothing was working. -- Read More


I'm very happy with it. I'm pain free, I don't have anything anymore. So, I don't think they should be nervous, I think they should see Dr. Sorenson and he'll take care of them very well. -- Read More


The actual procedure itself is very quick, it’s very easy. I haven’t experienced any pain. -- Read More


He laid out the plan and everything turned out great. I have no pain my legs look great. I wish more doctors were like Dr. Sorenson. -- Read More

Suzanne (Español)

I am very happy with my treatment. Now I can wear dresses and I can feel better and frankly, I would have done this sooner but I did not know. Now, I recommend for those who can do this at a young age to do it and if you are of older age, why not? Why suffer? -- Read More


When I met Dr. Sorenson, he put me at ease right away. I had lots of lots of questions and he took the time to answer all of my questions before he even examined my legs. -- Read More


When I first came into Dr. Sorenson’s office I was very impressed that I met the doctor right away and he talked to me about my treatment. -- Read More

Patient Testimonials

"Can't recommend them enough! While shopping for insurance plans, I would only sign up with one he accepted. Nice office, great staff and always happy with my results!" -- Lisa Remke Nunley

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